Due to massive advance turn around of information technology nowadays it is the main objective of ICT@COOP training is E-commerce.

For the last 4 days of our E-commerce class, this has been handled by Ms. Janette Toral an expert of E-commerce industry and a consultant. I never thought that E-commerce plays a major role in business industry worldwide. It really helps individual business men and corporations for easy and faster transactions.

I learned that it is high time to change higher gear E-commerce perspective in cooperative business organizations. Since coops now are aiming to link with commercial banks in the future this will be a gateway in cooperative journey.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Line of Agony

"FALL IN LINE" the word that shout in a government agency to make a transaction. A mile long line is an agony to anyone. I experienced it when I was applying for a birth certificate at the National Statistic Office. My feet was burning, my stomach was shouting for food and in my thoughts were shouting "Sana Online na ang NSO!". Then a few years later it happened. Just imagine, a click away and no more agony of falling in line, how convenient it was especially for those busy people. I think it was a breakthrough that the government decided at last to invest in online technology. I hope that the government continue this kind of service on all its agencies and owned corporations to serve the Filipinos better.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cooperatives Getting Online

There are many ways how we can do business online. It is becoming more friendly and more suitable to what we need. Due to this more and more entreprenuers are availing of its advantage, but could this be possible to cooperatives and credit unions? I believe, yes, but not now. It will take a few more years to be able for these organizations to become ONLINE! Why? For one reason, these organizations does not have enough technological resources and financial capacities to meet the requirements of this fast changing technology. In the case of Gubat St. Anthony Cooperative getting online is still a question. First reason is that they lack personnel that are knowledgable or having a skill in managing and maintaining a website. Second is that the internet provider in the locality is not as efficient as it should be. More often the internet connection is failing to meet the required speed and accuracy. Sometimes no connection at all. All this arguments are part of the organizations plan and in due time they will implement it.
Personally, this ONLINE business is awesome. It's like tapping on a rare mineral deposit and making profit on it. As long as I have an account with sites like blogger.com on the web making profit is 100 percent probable. The only thing to do is to have patience, perseverance and a wide understanding of how the world revolve around you. Sensitivity putting together with creativity will be astonshingly wonderful. And just be yourself.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Critic Line

The first thing I recognize when I visited Pinoy Delikasi web site is its attractive design and graphics. For an idea to be great, it has to have a reason. Pinoydelikasi is a hassle-free option to the Filipino pasalubong tradition and quick and easy way for adventurers to experience the Filipino local flavor. But before I could see the contents an error occured due to its limited bandwidth.

The second website I choose to visit is YOSSN.COM (Your One Stop Shop Network). It is a website where you can post your products and also buy items from it online. It has revolutionized the way we do business. It is an efficient way, if not the most efficient way, to do business. Good for almost all types and sizes of business, with or without their own website. No more irritating, nagging pop-up commercials. Credit card purchase, merchandise return and refund are guaranteed according to the terms of the credit card issuing company.

EON Cyber Account

Applying for the Union Bank Eon is easy and hassel free, the only problem that I encountered is that the applicant must read the terms and conditions which is too long. With regards to what they offer is quite good. No maintaining balance, and 1.5 (%) percent interest if your average daily balance is P10,000.00 pesos which is higher comparing to other savings account on banks. Also, you can transact with your other UnionBank account that is free of service charge.